Pastoral Ordination 2016

On Saturday, 3 December 2016, twenty-nine men and women completed their 3 years of training at BBM.  A Commissioning Ceremony was held, at which approximately 400 guests and family members attended.  The ceremony was uplifting and honouring to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in all ways.

Missionaries celebrating their final year were from eight different African countries earned their completion certificates.  These countries included Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Kenya, Liberia and Zimbabwe.  The event was a celebration of 3 years of hard work, training, preaching and gaining knowledge of the Word of God.  Following the ceremony lunch and refreshments were served in the Student Dining Facility.

This celebration marked the completion of their training at BBM, but only the beginning of each missionary’s service and ministry in God’s Plan.

Pictures of the event

20161203_100846 dscn9915 20161203_101257

2 thoughts on “Pastoral Ordination 2016

  1. This was a wonderful event which I was privileged to attend. Very professional but still a spiritual experience. May the good work continue by the Grace of our Lord.


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