Baba Shai – Managing Director


Dr Shai Mulder and his wife Dr Elreza Mulder have been serving at Back to the Bible faithfully since 2002. They love the Lord and wish to die in their boots, serving the Lord. Thousands of missionary-pastors have been trained and sent into the mission field to win Africa for Jesus Christ.

Back to the Bible Mission(BBM)

“Keep your eyes on Jesus” Heb. 12:2


Winning Africa 4 Jesus Christ!


Preparing Missionaries for the Mission Field!


  1. Sola Scriptura!
  • The Word of God the Bible alone.
  1. Sola Gratia!
  • God’s Grace alone.
  1. Sola Fide!
  • Faith in God alone.
  1. Solus Christos!
  • Christ alone.
  1. Soli Deo Gloria!
  • Glory to God alone.



  • Salvation of lost and broken souls.
  • Descipling of saved souls
  • Christ-centered Bible Teaching.
  • Mission-focused vision.
  • Top priority on Bible Books and Prayer.
  • Praying for Missionaries Worldwide.
  • Balanced focus on ministry to body, mind and spirit.
  • Strategic leadership training.
  • Character building.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Mobilizing Pastors, Evangelists and Missionaries to Win Africa for Jesus Christ!


  • The Triune God is the head of this Mission.
  • We believe that all necessary guidelines for living our mission are contained in the Word of God.
  • This Mission places the infallible Word of God central in all its activities, lectures, and decisions.
  • This Mission is passionate about worship and prayer.
  • We believe that the Great Commandment, namely to love God above all else and my neighbor as myself, forms the basic foundation of this new life in Christ.
  • We believe that God calls staff members and lecturers and enables them to shape and equip pastors for their ministry.
  • We believe in the unity of all believers founded on the Bible in the body of Christ.
  • We believe that all men are sinners who must repent and be born again to enter into heaven.
  • We believe that the Great Commission to make disciples involves a new way of living, focused on the whole person.
  • We believe that all people called by God from all backgrounds, beliefs, races and cultures, are welcome to be prepared at Back to the Bible Mission(BBM) for the mission fields .


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