Legal and Press Statements





Strategic Objectives

  1. The upliftment of Africa.
  2. Assisting previously disadvantaged people groups.
  3. BBM only do short courses.
  4. Focus on:
    1. Biblical studies
    2. Leadership
    3. Character building
    4. Entrepreneurship

Special Features of BBM

  1. All students study for free and only pay a small amount for boarding and lodging.
  2. BBM only mentor and facilitate.
  3. BBM only do short courses.
  4. BBM do not bestow any qualifications.
  5. BBM does not have any relationship, franchise or agreement with any other training institution.
  6. Students can enroll individually with a correspondence institution of their own choice, for after hours study.
  7. Any person is welcome at BBM disregarding their religious affiliation.