Community Ministry

Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are commanded and encouraged to preach the Gospel and teach the Word of God throughout the world (Matthew 28:19).  This mandate includes the local communities in which BBM is located, and where the missionaries visit.  Every week on weekends the missionaries are encouraged to reach out into the surrounding communities, and they meet the needs of the people with the Gospel of Salvation.  Mondays, the missionaries provide feedback regarding their weekend outreach.  In many cases there are reports of many coming to know Jesus Christ.  The students now have engaged in a discipleship outreach to provide a on going ministry to the new converts.  (Photos will be uploaded as soon as provided).

In addition BBM’s choir reaches out into many of the local churches in Barberton.  They provide a ministry in song with a message.  The pictures below are taken at one of our local churches here in Barberton where the choir performed.