Back to the Bible Mission operates according to a three-year preparation programme. Prospective missionaries come from many countries in Africa. They include men and women of varying ages. Many who enroll are active preachers, pastors, missionaries and evangelists from their home countries.

Preparations are accomplished according to a curriculum that has been developed over twenty-five years of experience, analysis and programming. The curriculum is an intensive programme that focuses on the following strategic objectives:

  • Preparing men and women for Christian Mission Service
  • Learning the Word of God
  • Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively
  • Presenting the Word of God accurately
  • Practicing to be leaders and followers
  • Participating in cross-cultural discussions of spiritual needs
  • Skills Development, entrepreneurial skills and character building
  • Upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities
  • Outreaches to Local Communities
  • Counseling Programmes

Financial implications: All programmes are free of charge, being sponsored by God Himself. God provides according to each believer’s needs, and through His Grace believers are able to grow spiritually. BBM wishes to reflect God’s Grace. The only necessary costs are for Boarding and Lodging amounts to ZAR4000, per person, per annum.

Boarding and Lodging fees must be paid before the end of June every year.

Enrollment: Applicants who wish to participate in this preparations programme are encouraged to complete the Application form, which is found in the “Application Heading” of this website. The Application Form may be completed “on-line” and submitted directly to the BBM Administration Office.

Practical Preparations: Numerous ‘Practical Preparations’ and “Development Skills” are an integral part of the Curriculum. Please see the subheading “Practical” for a more complete description of the types of practical preparations conducted at BBM.